You have just won a giftcard to the store of your choice (2017)

Smoke coming from between two buildings American flag behind fence with barbed wire Broken ticket machine at a parking structure Bottle of Coca Cola inside of a car 4 cermaic pots on a wall, two are painted Two people holding hands and walking in front of a bar with a large construction site on a hill above Mixture of mud a debris on the side of the road Ad from magazine, cheetos bag and bits of plastic Lotto ad in front of a liquor store Person walking into the corner store Dust from construction Kid and mom walking under a tree with pink flowers Big Gulp at the reservoir near a construction site Construction at the reservoir Person loading groceries into car at Costco Two ponies hooked up to a carriage at Griffith Park Big gulp on a lawn next to a tree Three trees in a row Blue gatorade that appears to be glowing Two poles with a metal X connecting them Person walking inside of a car dealership taken through the front window T.V. at laundromat with glare from the overhead lights Person putting gas in their car Flowers through chain link fence