Planet Heaven (2022)

A humble start-up creates a Chakra balancing app with horrific results

A film by Tucker Bennett

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Moiré pool (2021)

Video of moiré pattern caused by a fence with a pool in the background. Different encodings used to transfer and display the video will all produce different results.

Three parking lots (2021)

Three videos from parking lots taken on the morning of February 7th, 2021

I can show you the world (2015)

Post-apocalyptic delicacies (2014)

The following dishes were prepared by workers on Amazon Mechanical Turk for $10 each. The typical price for a job on Mechanical turk is a few cents.

Faces from the first month of Vine (2013)

Faces from the first month of vine (early adopters) is a video composed of faces found using off-the-shelf facial recognition technology in 24 hours worth of video taken from vine, a short-lived video-based social network, during its first month online.

Swisher wrapper exiting escalator loop (2012)

I'd give it all away (2010)

Why Are You Weird? (2009)

Curtis Jackson is studying performance art at one of the most prestigious art schools in the nation, yet he is still unable to live down the shame of his devastating past as a high school swimmer who was exposed as having webbed feet. In this heart warming, coming of age tale Curtis must overcome his insecurities and finally obtain the girl of his dreams all while still trying to explore his creative path and get a good grade at the end of the semester.

Shot on VHS in 2009.

Putting an empty can of sprite in an empty pop-tarts box (2008)