After the drought (2019)

Photos taken in Los Angeles, CA shortly after the 2011-2019 drought

Person prepares an artisinal bagel with cucmbers Pool pump surrounded by lush greenery Private property sign Four rental scooter in a line House being built on a hill Dumpster with graffiti Green and pink plants Flowers behind chain link fence at night Yellow and purple flowers in a field Green field by freeway Tree with pink flowers Person looking at phone blocking the sun Windy road with palm trees Plants growing onto the sidewalk For sale sign in garden infront of house Two neighborhood council candidate signs Field with flowers Rock sourrounded by greenery Landscaping with berries and flowers Hill side with flowers and grass

You have just won a giftcard to the store of your choice (2017)

Smoke coming from between two buildings American flag behind fence with barbed wire Broken ticket machine at a parking structure Bottle of Coca Cola inside of a car 4 cermaic pots on a wall, two are painted Two people holding hands and walking in front of a bar with a large construction site on a hill above Mixture of mud a debris on the side of the road Ad from magazine, cheetos bag and bits of plastic Lotto ad in front of a liquor store Person walking into the corner store Dust from construction Kid and mom walking under a tree with pink flowers Big Gulp at the reservoir near a construction site Construction at the reservoir Person loading groceries into car at Costco Two ponies hooked up to a carriage at Griffith Park Big gulp on a lawn next to a tree Three trees in a row Blue gatorade that appears to be glowing Two poles with a metal X connecting them Person walking inside of a car dealership taken through the front window T.V. at laundromat with glare from the overhead lights Person putting gas in their car Flowers through chain link fence

I can show you the world (2015)

Hancock Park (2014)

Hancock Park (2014-2016) is a series of photos taken in and around Hancock Park.

Camera person sets up a large news camera on a tree-lined street Bent metal trashcan Car with all doors and trunk open, one man stands next to the car on his phone while another seems to be unloading the car Porsche accross the street from Undefeated, a shoe store The legs of a person standing by the edge of a deep hole at a construction site Yard with two chairs and several lawn ornaments Tesla in the foreground and a person walking dogs in the background Person with a smock waiting by the curb, covering their mouth with their hands

Post-apocalyptic delicacies (2014)

The following dishes were prepared by workers on Amazon Mechanical Turk for $10 each. The typical price for a job on Mechanical turk is a few cents.

iPhone pics 2013/early 2014 (2014)

Swisher wrapper exiting escalator loop (2012)

GoPro (2012)

Some photos taken on a GoPro in 2012

Person carrying two bags of groceries down an alley Construction in front of Ross Construction site Another construction site Garbage truck New oven next to porta potty Light shining on floor at grocery store Narrow, carpeted stairway Building with a sign that says 'Illusions' A photo of someone's neck on the side of a building Messy toy aisle Two people using Chase ATM