Moiré pool (2021)

Video of moiré pattern caused by a fence with a pool in the background. Different encodings used to transfer and display the video will all produce different results.

Users in meatspace (2014)

Users in meatspace (2014-) is an ongoing series of photos of people using their devices in public.

Two people looking at a phone in front of a cafe Two people facing away from eachother taking photos at an overlook Man on his phone while using his laptop sharing a bench with a woman at an outdoor mall Person using their phone while attending a cart at the mall with no customers Man looking at a tablet Woman crossing the street while typing on her phone Buisinessman walking away from the camera with one hand on his hip, holding his phone up to his ear with the other hand Woman with a stroller looking at her phone as she waits

Nothing (2014)

A photo from Google Street View, taken near my house at the time. Blurred out trashcan from Google street view

Silicon Valley (2013)

Silicon valley is a series of photos taken while living in Sunnyvale, CA during the summer of 2013.

Two trees at the entrance to a parking garage People looking at a car will be given away at the mall Ducks in front of a fountain with green water at the park Big water pipe surrounded by hedges Lumpy bush in front of a house Plastic curve splitting a section of lawn from a section with rocks View of a house with three satelitte dishes from a neighboring yard Grass and two hedges creating a green corner A woman waiting in a parking structure with a new Mac computer Large tower with cables behind a suburban home

Faces from the first month of Vine (2013)

Faces from the first month of vine (early adopters) is a video composed of faces found using off-the-shelf facial recognition technology in 24 hours worth of video taken from vine, a short-lived video-based social network, during its first month online.

Jenkem at the Louvre (2010)

Jenkem at the Louvre is a collection of feedback poems (poems generated by a computer attemping to transcribe itself speaking aloud). The computer is unable to understand itself and accidentally produces entirely new poems.

JenkemAtTheLouvre 1.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 2.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 3.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 4.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 5.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 6.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 7.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 8.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 9.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 10.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 11.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 12.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 13.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 14.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 15.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 16.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 17.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 18.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 19.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 20.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 21.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 22.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 23.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 24.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 25.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 26.jpeg

Flickr (2007-2010)

Selected images created from 2007-2010 and posted to my Flickr account. In 2022 my account was marked "unsafe" and the images have been made private to non-Flickr users.