Epic stufffed crust/Is your brain ok? (2023)

Collage on paper

Home invasion emergencies, having a party? (2021)

Life without boundaries (2018)

8.5" x 5.5", junk mail on paper

Jenkem at the Louvre (2010)

Jenkem at the Louvre is a collection of feedback poems (poems generated by a computer attemping to transcribe itself speaking aloud). The computer is unable to understand itself and accidentally produces entirely new poems.

JenkemAtTheLouvre 1.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 2.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 3.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 4.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 5.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 6.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 7.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 8.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 9.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 10.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 11.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 12.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 13.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 14.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 15.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 16.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 17.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 18.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 19.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 20.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 21.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 22.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 23.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 24.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 25.jpeg JenkemAtTheLouvre 26.jpeg

Flickr (2007-2010)

Selected images created from 2007-2010 and posted to my Flickr account. In 2022 my account was marked "unsafe" and the images have been made private to non-Flickr users.